Often time the most difficult and time consuming objectives within an HR department is finding and hiring qualified candidates.  Recruiting requires much effort and creativity to find quality candidates that will fit the company’s culture, understand the company’s vision, and remain with the company over time.  Hiring the wrong person can be extremely costly.

APS can assist with your Recruitment by:

  • Analyzing and recommending changes to recruitment process and strategies
  • Reviewing and Screening applicants via; resumes, phone screening and in-person interviewing
  • Assisting in face to face interviews
  • Performing reference checks, drug testing, background checks and ability testing
  • Developing and administering New Hire orientation, training and on-boarding
  • Assisting in the recruitment plan (marketing)
  • Developing retention strategies to reduce turnover
  • Providing a Contract Recruiter for short-term or long-term needs
  • Managing all or parts of the Recruitment process

High performing staff are essential if an organization is to deliver outstanding services.  Employees are a direct reflection of the validity and professionalism of your company.  A well defined recruitment strategy will attract the kind of employees that you want within your organization.  Employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you want and need. CONTACT APS for assistance in examining your current recruitment process.