What to look for:

Performance Problems:

    • Employees having difficulty following instructions and unable to respond to increased supervision.
    • Employees being impulsive and often making careless mistakes.
    • Conflicting work performance and productivity.
    • Incomplete tasks.
    • Lethargy and lack of deliberation.

Poor Attendance and Absenteeism:

  • Increased unauthorized absenteeism and unexplained delay.
  • Consistent absences after breaks (Mondays, the day after holidays, or paydays)
  • Excessive use of sick leave or complaining of unexplained illnesses in the workplace.
  • Frequent requests for early work departure.
  • Unusually long lunch breaks.
  • Leaving the workplace without notice.

Attitude and Physical Appearance:

  • Being confrontational with coworkers and disturbing the workplace.
  • Constant supervision required for quality work.
  • Disinterest in assignments, and responsibilities.
  • Neglectful and having disorganized work ethic.
  • Extreme paranoia towards colleagues.
  • Coworkers suffer because of the employee’s behavior.
  • Physical appearance changes: Bloodshot or watery eyes, very large or very small pupils as well as intoxicated behavior.
  • Obsession with drug culture and/or alcohol as well as often having an odor of alcohol.

Health and Safety Hazards:

  • Increased participation in accidents and risky behavior.
  • Insignificance toward safety rules and being careless when handling materials around others or themselves.