Advanced Professional Services strives to become more than just a “Staffing” provider to our clients.  With our products and services, we have positioned ourselves as true Service Partners for our valued clientele.  Below is a list of additional services provided by APS in an attempt to create a more efficient, effective and profitable workforce.  If you have any questions about these services please call your local office or CLICK HERE to send us an email.  


APS assists clients in understanding, interpreting and administration of Human Resource functions.· While legal compliance is often the main goal of each client, we assist clients with further mastery of the concepts and processes involved in the intricate details of the HR realm.


APS provides customized payroll services for companies of all sizes.· We offer options on everything from pay frequency to pay method.· APS keeps your business in compliance with federal, state, and local requirements for depositing payroll taxes which can save you time and money.· Not all businesses are alike.· We believe in developing custom payroll solutions that is reflective of the need of each individual client.· CONTACT APS for a free, no-obligation evaluation and quote of your existing payroll needs.·  


APS offers our recruiting and payroll efforts on-site to our clients which can reduce costs, increase communication and maintain seamless efforts.··APS provides highly trained and experienced On-Site Management Professionals to accommodate these needs and streamline the screening, hiring and administrative functions for your company.··These professionals represent your mission, goals, and expectations to the employees they retain.